Prof Joseph Obi

Professor Joseph Obi – A Public Statement on Brexit :


* The UK Must Fully (and Immediately) Implement All (Major) Parts of Sajid Javid’s Current (Brexit) Immigration Plan ; for (Fairly) Securing the Permanent (Settled Status) Residency Rights of All EU Citizens who are Presently Living in the United Kingdom.

* The UK Government Must Then Politely Leave , (or Temporarily Walk Away From) , the (European Union) EU Negotiating Table ; without a Formal Brexit Deal , and without Paying the EU a Single (Blessed) British Farthing (Whatsoever).

* Once These Aforementioned Stages Are (Duly) Actioned : The UK Government Must Never (Ever) Return to the EU Negotiating Table ; Until After ALL EU (EUROPEAN UNION) MEMBER STATES have (Fairly) Treated All of their Very Own (Resident) UK Citizens in the Very Same (Favourable) Manner as the United Kingdom has (Fairly) Treated those EU Citizens who are (Currently) Resident in the UK.

* Continued Brexit Uncertainty , (or ‘Shilly-Shallying’) , will (Inevitably) Lead to MASSIVE UK Job Losses.

* Formidably Robust (and Absolutely Unequivocal) Brexit Clarity is (Therefore) Fundamentally Essential ; Without (Any) Further Delay.

* Whatever The Case : BREXIT Must Still (Always) Categorically Mean BREXIT.

* Nothing More : Nothing Less.

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